Somewhere in the clouds of Haslingden….

Our beautiful little salon is conveniently located in Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire within easy reach of Greater Manchester and towns surrounding towns such as Bury, Burnley, Rochdale, Accrington & Blackburn. If its beauty related then we probably do it! From young to old, male or female, we pride ourselves on being open to everyone! All of our treatments are for everyone to enjoy! Our town centre salon is modern, fresh, bright and welcoming, with a dash of sparkle, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and very competitive prices.

The salon is managed by Dionne, born & bred in Rossendale, she has a passion and love for all things ‘beauty’ & has worked within the hair & beauty industry since 2004. She is qualified in Hair & Beauty and specialises in male & female intimate waxing and has trained with some of the North Wests best makeup artists. She is a Skincare Specialist, qualified in The Million Dollar Facial which is rapidly becoming a celeb favourite!

A Little Look At What Goes On…



Back, Neck & Shoulder 45min

Using several massage techniques and heat therapy packs to relieve aches and pains, we have created a massage that concentrates on your back, head, neck and shoulders where tension and stress usually reside, to help release stress and anxieties.

Full Body 60min

Fakery Refined’s signature full body massage using various techniques including Swedish, Sports and more to bring you 60 minutes of bliss. This includes the feet, legs, optional abdomen, back, neck, shoulder, hands, arms and head. Also using aromatherapy heat therapy packs which help to relieve aches and pains.

Head Massage 30min


Feet 20min

With Fakery Refined’s  tans you can have beautiful tanned skin all year round without having to worry about the harmful effects of sunbeds and UV rays. Too much sun exposure or Sunbeds can cause us premature aging, skin cancer, and a number of other skin conditions.
Be holiday, party, night out ready & achieve a beautiful, long lasting, natural looking express tan, which is ready to shower in just 2 hours! Our solution is enriched with aloe vera and a fresh scent of coconut, giving you heavenly beach vibes to match your glow!

Full Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation is key to achieving an even long lasting tan, fake or natural! The perfect treatment to buff away dry skin prior to your holiday or tan, which can be done immediately after!



Acne Treatment

Fakery Refined has designed a deep cleansing & correcting treatment using products specifically to target acne. The 60 minute treatment combat blocked pores and blackheads on your back and shoulders, killing bacteria & leaving you smooth and glowing. You will see improvement from your first visit, although we recommend a course. A facial but on your back!

The Million Dollar Facial (1.5 hour)

The Million Dollar Facial is a 10 step procedure, where science meets luxury. It includes products from the fabulous ‘Million Dollar Skincare’ range, along with steaming & extractions, Microneedling/Dermarolling, Dermaplaning, a Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask & more!
Dionne is a Dermaplane UK Platinum Tech, meaning she has had extensive training & that you are in safe hands!
What can it do for me?
• Removes 3 to 4 weeks worth of dead skin cells in one session
• Helps the lymphatic system flow and releases you of any toxins, puffiness around eyes etc
• Deep pore cleansing
• Reduced pore size
• Removes vellus hairs
• Increased collagen production
• Brighter and tighter skin
• Fine lines and wrinkles reduced
• Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage cleared
• Acne scarring improved
• Hydrated, Glowing Skin
• Lymphatic drainage
• Mild Rosacea/Redness improved
Contact For Price

Dermaplaning Facial (1 hour 15 min)

Using quality, vegan products we will be deep cleaning your pores, deeper than your regular facial can go. Using a surgical blade we gently scrape away any underlying dirt, oils, blackheads, makeup etc. We also take away the fluffy vellus hairs, leaving you smoother than ever & ready for your products to penetrate the skin  further. Makeup will glide on smoothly, your face will feel fresher and there are also benefits including pore size reduction and a reduction in fine lines. This also includes a face mask & facial massage

The FR Luxury Facial (1 hour 15 min)

The FR Luxury Facial is must have maintenance for beautiful skin. Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Steam, Blackhead Removal/Extractions, Moisturise, Facial Massage, Lip Exfoliation & Face Mask & using vegan, quality products to suit your skin type.

Acne/Problematic Skin Facial (1 hour 15 min)

Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Steam, lip exfoliation, Moisturise, Massage & Mask using products to suit your skin type, extractions where needed. We will remove excess oils, your pores will be targeted, minimised and your skin will be fresher, brighter and clearer from one session & investigate why you are having trouble with your skin! (Courses recommended)

The Luxury FR Teen Facial (1 hour 15 min)

The FR Luxury Facial is also brilliant for hormonal teen skin so we offer the same facial for a reduced price for the young un’s! Ages 16 and under
Ladies Waxing treatments can be tailored to suit you below are the prices which can be built in packages to suit your needs, call for a quote or if you have any requests not below. Fakery Refined are specially trained in waxing and use the best products for a comfortable treatment.
Whether you are familiar with waxing or a complete beginner, we are confident that your experience at Fakery Refined will be pleasant and as comfortable as possible! We are specialists in hair removal for both women and men, using advanced techniques, for a professional waxing experience. We use only the best products for your comfort, welcoming people who have no waxing experience or are familiar with the treatment.
Why Wax?
For many, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer. Waxing produces smoother results because hair is pulled directly from the root. There are no irritations associated with shaving. Results last from 3-8 weeks, depending on the individual’s speed of hair growth.
Prior to your Wax please leave at least 0.5cm of hair growth. Clients should not shave between waxing sessions for the best result and follow the aftercare which we will provide.
Ladies Facial Waxing

Small Areas

Upper Lip   Eyebrows   Chin    Nostrils   Fingers   Toes
£5 each or two for £9.50

Large Areas

Forehead     Hands    Sides of Face    Cheeks    Neck
£6 each or two for £11.50

Full Face Wax

Forehead, Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Sides of Face
Ladies Body Waxing
Forearm (Including hands and fingers if needed to elbow) £7
Upper Arm (Elbow to Shoulder) £8
Full Arm (Hands & Fingers if required to Shoulder) £14
Under Arm £7
Half Back £12
Full Back £20
Chest/Breast Area £15
Half Stomach £10
Full Stomach £16
Feet & Toes £4
Lower Leg (Ankle to Knee) £10
Higher Leg (Knee to Bikini Line) £11
Full Leg (Ankle to Bikini Line) £20
Ruby Full Body Wax Package £40
Half Leg, Half Arm, Bikini, Under Arm & Choice of 2 Small Areas

Diamond Full Body Wax Package

Full Leg, Half Arm, Half Stomach, Bikini, Under Arm & Choice of 3 Small Areas
Ladies Intimate Waxing
Bikini Wax (Leg Crease) £9
Dubai (High Sides & Top Line) £15
Ibiza (High Sides, Top Line & Crack) £20
Paris (Crack Only) £15
Miami (Cheeks) £14
Brazilian (Everything except a Strip/Triangle left) £20
Hollywood (All hair removed) £22

Small Areas

£5 each or two for £9.50
Upper Lip / Eyebrows / Chin / Nostrils / Fingers / Toes

Large Areas

Forehead / Hands / Sides of Face / Cheeks
£6 each or two for £11.50
We can help you get your perfect natural, evening, bridal, glam or festival look. She has experience working with all skin tones, problematic skin, mature and younger skin, male and female clients and more!

Makeup with no lashes


Makeup with lashes


Makeup with application of your own strip lashes




Face Paint / Creative (no lashes)


Bridal/Asian Bridal

Bridal/Asian Bridal makeup is tailored to your needs, we can work from the salon or your wedding venue, call for a quote!
On the day you’ll get a complimentary bottle of Prosecco for you and your ladies to enjoy for groups of 4 plus!
Your bridal trial makeup is the standard price of £15 with no lashes, £20 with lashes and can be done in Salon at your convenience prior to the day.
Our makeup lessons are perfect for exploring new products, focusing on areas you struggle with, finding your shades and more!
All you’ll need is your makeup bag and a pen & pad to make notes. Makeup lessons come with an unaccredited certificate for you to take away on the day.
Light refreshments will be provided.

One to One Makeup Session-Master Your Own Makeup (2 hour)

Two hours tailored to you, fill the time with whatever you like. Explore new products and bring your own makeup bag along. Try new looks, concentrate on certain areas, the choice is yours. Learn your skin type, foundation shade, brow shapes to suit you, application of products, tools and brushes and more!

One to One Makeup Session-Makeup on a Client (2 hour)

Two hours and two looks of your choice on your model (to be provided by you).

Teen One to One Makeup Session-Master Your Own Makeup (2 hour)

Two hours tailored to you, fill the time with whatever you like. Explore new products and bring your own makeup bag along. Try new looks, concentrate on certain areas, the choice is yours. Learn your skin type, foundation shade, brow shapes to suit you, application of products, tools, brushes and more! For ages 11-16

Master Your Brows (45 min)


Master The Base (45 min)


Master Your Lips (45 min)


Master Contouring & Highlighting (45 min)


Master Your Eye Makeup (1 hour 30 min)


Gel Polish


Manicure including Gel Polish

Exfoliate, Massage, Intensive hand mask with heat, Cuticle tidy, Gel Polish


Bubbling Foot Spa, Exfoliate & Hardened skin removal, Massage, Intensive foot mask, Cuticle tidy, Gel Polish
Acrylic Full Set Pink & White £25
Acrylic Natural Nail Overlay £20
Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish £25
Acrylic Full Set with Glitter £25
Acrylic Infill £15-£20
Acrylic Nail Repair (per nail) £3
Acrylic Removal £9.50
Gel Polish Removal £6
Swarovski Diamonds, Decals & Nail Art are priced depending on design

Application of your own strip lashes


Eyebrow Wax


Eyebrow Threading


Eyebrow Tint


Henna Tint


Lash Lift/Perm/LVL


Eyelash Tint


Classic Lash Extensions (Full set) 1 Hour 30 min


Hybrid Lash Extensions (Full Set) 1 Hour 30 min


Russian Lash Extensions (Full Set) 1 Hour 45 min


Lash Extensions Infill 45min


Lash Extension Removal

Fakery Refined also provide treatments for the little ones (ages 11 and under)

File & Polish


File & Gel Polish


Makeup (no lashes)


Manicure (including file & polish)


Makeup lesson (1 hour)

One to one we will have an hour learning the basics, practicing on your own face. This time is to be used however you like, learn a certain look from your favourite pop star or celebrity, concentrate on something you struggle with, learn tips and tricks from the industry.
Light refreshments will be provided.
You’ll also take away a non-accredited certificate on the day!

Little Ladies Spa Day

Whats included?
Polished Nails & Toes
Hair & Makeup
Refreshments & cupcake from a local bakery
In Your Fluffy Fakery Refined Robe, flip-flops and spa head band, you’ll enjoy an hour and half of treatments, with refreshments and a cupcake from a local bakery! During your facial we will use natural, vegan skincare which is gentle and has lots of goodies inside for your skin, making your skin shine like Ariana! The bubbling foot spa will make sure them feet are red carpet ready, finished off with a polish of your choice. A manicure is a must for a lady in the limelight, using delicious smelling products that are kind to the skin and a file & polish to finish off. Over to hair and makeup to get you looking fabulous. Deardengate is your catwalk-Go Girl!
For 1 or 2 children maximum, ages 11 and under
£35 for one, £60 for two
Gents prices are as above for all treatments apart from the below treatments which are priced below.

Mens Nail Care


Exfoliate, Massage, Intensive heated hand mask, Cuticle & nail tidy, Buff
Mens Nail Tidy & Buff  £4.50
Bubbling Foot Spa, Exfoliate & Hardened skin removal, Massage, Intensive foot mask, Cuticle & nail tidy, Buff

Gents Facial Waxing

Eyebrows (trim if required) / Nostrils / Fingers / Toes / Ears
Small Areas £6 each or two for £10
Forehead / Hands / Sides of Face / Cheeks
Large Areas £6 each or two for £11.50
Front of Neck £8
Back of Neck £12

Full Face Wax

(Forehead, Ears, Nostrils, Eyebrows, Cheeks, Optional Lower Face and beard tidying)

Gents Body Waxing

Forearm (Including hands and fingers if needed to elbow) £12
Upper Arm (Elbow to Shoulder) £13
Full Arm (Hands & Fingers if required to Shoulder) £24
Under Arm £10
Higher Back £14
Lower Back £13
Full Back £22
Chest Area £12
Half Stomach £12
Full Stomach £19
Feet (Including Toes) £9
Lower Leg £15
Higher Leg £16
Full Leg £25

Gents Intimate Waxing

At Fakery Refined we are specially trained in male intimate waxing, using quality wax and specialist techniques designed for a comfortable, long lasting wax!
LA (Leg Crease) £15
London (Full Cheeks) £20
New York (Crack Only) £24
Miami (Scrotum Only) £24
Marbella (Leg Crease & triangle tided) £26
Vegas (Crack and Cheeks) £35
Brozilian (Leg Crease, Scrotum, Cheeks, Crack & triangle tidied) £50
Hollywood (Everything removed Leg Crease, Cheeks, Scrotum, Crack & triangle removed) £53

Parking, Access & Location

  • We are above Adams Barbers, to gain access you come to the back of the building

  • Search 6 Blackburn Road, Haslingden, BB4 5QQ

  • This is DT Laws Butchers. If your here you are in the right place!

  • Directly across from DT Laws you will see Spectrum One hairdressers

  • Our entrance is in the gated carpark to the back of Spectrum One

  • You will be able to see our signed windows on the building from Blackburn Road

  • Please note we do not have parking, it is for business owners only but there are plenty of free local places within walking distance

  • co-op has free unlimited parking & Townsend Street is just across the road from us

  • Unfortunately we are upstairs so we do not have disabled access

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